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Self portrait

Self portrait

My Name is Ashley Gollings, British photographer and film maker. 

Photographs have always been important to me on a personal level, because they are like footprints; a record of life. They are physical evidence of the special moments that we do not want to forget. I have recorded these treasured memories my whole life. Whether commercial or a personal piece, each of my photographs has a unique story behind it, carefully written to speak to its audience. 

Imagery has never been so important as in today's society. So, whether you're planning your wedding, need a headshot for your professional profile, portraits of your family or baby (including the cat), portfolio or product images, or even if you just want a nice photo for your social networking site, it's important that your images make you look your best and represent the feeling and the message attached to the moment itself. 

I have worked on a variety of projects over the years and I understand that you need a photographer that understands you. I will always gain a thorough understanding of what you are doing and how these images will be used before I begin to plan the shots, ensuring that each project is unique to you. I promise to provide a friendly, personal and professional service to each of my clients, delivering the best images tailored to your needs.

I acquired a 1st class BA(hons) Degree in Commercial Photography which taught me the theory and technical skills to create images that can communicate to the audience. Combined with my own artistic style, I craft my work around your project making the subject look amazing and ensuring the images are "read" in the right way.

Go ahead and contact me with any questions and ideas, even if you're not quite sure how to explain - I'm sure we'll figure it out!